I’ve got this.

Anyone with Internet connectivity can start a blog, write something, and instantly make it available for anyone else on Earth with an Internet connection to read. 20+ years ago, there was no way to reach this number of people. Even the biggest companies on the planet didn’t have a mechanism of content delivery that had the same potential […]

7 Lies Perpetuated by the Modern Workplace

The modern workplace is a curious beast. While the technologies we use to complete our jobs have changed significantly in the past couple of decades, some of the attitudes and beliefs surrounding work and workplaces seem to be stuck in the 19th century. Some of these antiquities persist simply because of a lack of awareness. […]

Japan for Digital Nomads and Bootstrappers

I’ve been interested in Japan and Japanese culture for some time now. I wouldn’t call myself a Japanophile: I’ve never read manga, don’t particularly like video games and speak approximately 10 words of Japanese. But there’s something totally fascinating about the place. After spending time travelling through Asia, Europe and South America, I hold the opinion that Japan […]

Q & A: How to Set Your Rates

A newbie location independent freelancer recently emailed me with the following question: what do you think is a good way to determine what my initial rate should be? I thought my response might be useful for other people, so I’ve reproduced it below.   Apologies for my delayed reply. I’ve been travelling through Malaysia and Japan the […]

How to Build a Career While Travelling the World

In my last post I discussed how realistic it is for someone with a marketable skillset to work remotely and travel the world indefinitely (in a sentence: very realistic). Now I’m going to get more specific. I’m going to talk about the actionable first steps someone could take towards building themselves a career that enables […]

The Three and a Half Hour Rule

After a few months of tracking my own work habits and having conversations with other freelancers and business owners, I’ve formed a strong belief about the working habits of knowledge workers and creatives. In any 24 hour period, you only have 3.5 hours of really productive work in you. Of course this doesn’t mean you can only […]

Realities of Work, or Why Remote Work is the Future

Although I’ve been working remotely on-and-off for a few years now, it was just over 6 months ago that I traded a (admittedly comfortable) 9-5 job for the roller coaster ride of full-time remote self-employment. The concept of remote work always made sense to me, and I never really understood why more businesses didn’t offer […]

13 Things I Learned in 2013

At the end of every year, a friend of mine sends a group email. The email provides a quick summary of the events that occurred in the passing year that were important in his life, and what he learned as a result. This year, at the end of the email he provided a call to action: […]